Outstanding reviews for ‘Cosy’

Reviews of COSY by Kaite O’Reilly 8-12 March, 2016 Wales Millennium Centre         brief extracts   ‘COSY: It will make your heart pump and your belly shake.’ Denis Lennon Art Scene in Wales (March 11, 2016) ‘When the lights go up at the end of Kaite O Reilly’s Cosy in the WMC’s Weston Studio, you might find that you have to pick yourself up off the floor and put an ice pack on your face for the clobber it gives you. This play fights you and your natural urge to…read more


Four stars for Cosy

Take a look at some of the reviews of Cosy The Stage:  ★★★★ “Deliberately discomforting” Wales Online: ★★★★ ”Cosy tackles the difficult subject of suicide with comic timing and emotional depth” The Arts Desk: ★★★★ “Rich and grounded… ominous comedy” British Theatre Guide: ”A tale of empowerment which leaves one in deep contemplation” Want to add your voice to the conversation? Tweet us #Cosytheplay

Cosy Conversations: Kaite O’Reilly and Sara Beer

As Cosy previews tomorrow night at the Wales Millennium Centre, in Cardiff we wanted to bring you some special conversations with the cast and crew of Cosy. Our first Cosy Conversation is between playwright Kaite O’Reilly and cast member Sara Beer as they discuss disability art and culture, access requirements and whether disability art is moving into the mainstream…     This Cosy Conversation recorded on location at the Wales Mellenium Centre.   The music is performed by Llinos Daniel and Tony Davies of South Wales Audio. It is produced…read more

The playwright is leaving the building

  There reaches a point in every theatre production of a sole-authored script when the playwright needs to leave the room…. and now is my time to do just that…. New writing is exactly that – new – it is untried and brings with it all the excitement, risk and anticipation of doing something for the first time… I loved being in rehearsals full time for several weeks, trying out the script, making amendments, getting feedback from visiting playwrights and dramaturgs as well as the company… Now it is my…read more


‘Kaite O’Reilly has always been a rule breaker’ Exeunt Magazine

The following is an interview with Cosy playwright Kaite O’Reilly by Joe Turnbull for Exeunt Magazine. You can access the original feature here   Award-winning playwright Kaite O’Reilly on deaf culture, dissident sensibilities, and her “big growling play” Cosy at Cardiff Millennium Centre. Kaite O’Reilly has always been a rule breaker. Her 2012 play, In Water I’m Weightless set a precedent by having an all Deaf and disabled cast. She’s pioneered creative access throughout her career, informed by her longstanding affinity with Deaf culture. Plays such as The 9 Fridas,…read more


Laughing at death and tackling taboos

It’s been a furious whirl of activity in rehearsals -exploring character, learning lines, tackling ‘the traffic of the stage’ and the choreography of  movement. I’m known as a playwright for writing texts which are heightened realism, so finding the nuances, the tempo-rhythms, the contrast and emotional ‘volume’ is essential to balance the scenes. It’s also been a time of interviews and articles. I’ve written an article on the genesis of the play and my life-long love of taboos for Wales Arts Review, which can be accessed here A shorter piece on…read more


Cosy Is Coming!

Cosy rehearsals are going full steam ahead ready to open at the Wales Millennium Centre on 8th March 2016. So, we wanted to give you a sneak-peek into the rehearsal room where our fantastic cast are having a great time (and working very hard of course!) All photos credited to Farrows Creative.   Plus playwright Kaite O’Reilly and cast member Sara Beer were interviewed on the BBC Radio Wales Arts Show with Nicola Heyward-Thomas. You can listen here (around 18 mins 40 seconds).   Now, we like to give you extra-special…read more

‘Cosy’ Costume design and playwriting… Holly McCarthy and Kaite O’Reilly

I’ve always been a ‘word’ person. Despite my greatest efforts, I’ve never been able to draw or design anything except a perplexing mess. As a playwright, I create characters from words. I don’t create an image of a character in my mind except only in the broadest sense – a child; a woman of a certain age – the idiosyncratic detail when everything else image-wise is a blur. I don’t know what my characters ‘look’ like. I know them by what they say and do. I seldom plan a character…read more

Media Release

It’s finally happening…. Our press officer Catrin Rogers has revealed the press release. As part of our ‘Behind the Scenes’, I’m sharing this with all…   AWARD-WINNING WRITER KAITE O’REILLY TACKLES THE LAST GREAT TABOO IN NEW PLAY, COSY. THIS DARKLY COMIC NEW WORK COMBINES AN UNFLINCHING EXAMINATION OF OUR ATTITUDES TO YOUTH, AGEING AND DEATH, WITH AN OFTEN HILARIOUS AND MOVING ENCOUNTER BETWEEN THREE GENERATIONS OF WOMEN This March at Cardiff’s Wales Millennium Centre, an all-female, all-Welsh cast including Sharon Morgan will perform Kaite O’Reilly’s new play Cosy; a…read more


Rewriting isn’t just about dialogue

Rewriting isn’t just about dialogue; it’s the order of the scenes, how you finish a scene, how you get into a scene. Tom Stoppard Writing is all about rewriting, and revising a script prior to it going into production is probably my favourite part of the solo process (writing is solitary; rehearsals are communal and social and collaborative). ‘Cosy’ has had a long gestation period – the initial ideas and research into end of life scenarios and exit strategies began when I was on attachment to the National Theatre Studio…read more