Phillip Zarrilli: The director’s perspective on R&D

Just as the initial two days of research and development on ‘Cosy’ have been of great benefit to Kaite O’Reilly as the playwright, our process has been immensely beneficial to me as the director. Very early in our process (1-2 May 2015) we auditioned a wealth of disabled and non-disabled actresses. We then spent one and one-half days (June 17-18, 2015) working on the script in the rehearsal room in Cardiff, and had a reading of the script-in-hand for an invited audience at Graeae Theatre Company’s Studio in London. My…read more

Guest blog: Disability Arts Cymru

Blog Maestro Tom Wentworth and Development Officer Sara Beer talk about their experiences being part of the recent Research and Development days of DAC Patron Kaite O’ Reilly’s play ‘Cosy’. Reproduced, with thanks, from AtDAC.

Female playwright, Female parts: casting into deep waters

I’ve spent the past two days holed up at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, holding auditions for my Unlimited Commission ‘Cosy’. Joined by stalwart companion director Phillip Zarrilli, our most consistent subject of conversation has been the wealth of talent parading in through the door: Women actors, female performers, actresses, whatever it is they may prefer to be called, the diverse array of skill, facility and emotional intelligence has been glittering and humbling, leaving us with the impossible next task of selecting the cast for the r&d process. ‘Cosy’ is a dark…read more


Casting Haiku

Having a research and development period for Cosy puts me in a phenomenally privileged position as a playwright. I’m used to getting in a few bottles of wine and some actor friends over to read the play aloud and put the words ‘up’ into the air. Experiencing the text from another’s mouth (and not ‘my’ voice-in-the-head) can be immensely revealing – awkward words and phrases reveal themselves by being tripped over, the run and flow of the dialogue is tested, the dramaturgy and throughline can be scrutinised… Then there are…read more


Cosy, quirky, honest, daring: Kaite O’Reilly

How we live and how we die has never been more topical or relevant to our ageing society that likes to pretend we’re immortal and forever young. It’s universal, as well as our last taboo – a fascinating and compelling subject. This is why I’m delighted that I’ve been commissioned to write Cosy, a play that explores our obsessions with ageing, self-ownership, and end of life scenarios in the company of a dysfunctional family on the verge of killing one another, if not themselves. Cosy is a commission from Unlimited, which…read more

Unlimited Commission

Award-winning writer Kaite O’Reilly brings life and death to the forefront in a new Unlimited commission. We all have to die. The rising tensions between three generations of a dysfunctional family ask us to consider what choices we really have in a world obsessed with eternal youth, and whether we truly own ourselves. Cosy is a darkly comedic look at the joys and humiliations of ageing and how we shuffle off this mortal coil. An inclusive production for a mainstream audience, exploring the universal ethical issues of life, death, and…read more